At the heart of everything we do at Agile Management Office (AMO) is our “3 C’s” – consistency, collaboration, and communication. These are part of the underlying principles that drive how we work. Whether we are consulting on ‘proven’ practices, developing new process frameworks, delivering robust project management systems, delivering change or recruiting new talent for your organisation, you can expect these 3 C’s to anchor our approach.


We ensure we implement a consistent and disciplined approach, are open to new ideas, welcome change, and take pride in developing long term and scalable solutions for our customers.  You need a partner you can count on through the highs and lows, when it matters most, and for the long haul. In order for us to be the partner of choice for organisations across different industries, we know we need to establish trust. We earn that trust by delivering consistent results and reliable service.

In this case study with one of our clients, a big-four bank, AMO team was tasked with establishing a global PMO framework that would be adaptable to achieve consistency on a global scale across thirteen countries. The existing project management system was characterised by varying tools and practices and disconnected governance, making it unsuitable for a complex global program. We developed a regionally agnostic framework complete with a set of processes and governance models that could be adapted to comply with different countries’ requirements, a centralised knowledge hub, resources, and ongoing support. As a result, the new standardised project management processes allowed the global PMO and the organisation to adapt their strategy in response to changing needs while maintaining consistency. Overall, this was the most successful program in the history of the company’s Post Implementation Review process.


We respect and value one another, challenge the status quo, and work collaboratively with our clients, partners, and teams to really make a difference for our customers.  It is by sharing ideas and knowledge and learning together that we do our best work. When you work with us, you get the benefit of our entire team backing you, so we can succeed together. That collaborative spirit extends beyond the confines of our AMO team to include you, our client. No one knows your business and your needs better than you do. That’s why we believe in a collaborative rather than prescriptive approach to uplifting our clients and helping them achieve their goals. Collaboration is also a key component of the solutions we develop for our clients.

In this case study, we worked with the second-largest supermarket chain in Australia during their rebirth following a demerger. The demerger brought about significant changes in the company’s identity, size, technology, and growth. Among these changes was the creation of a Payment Services team. Our challenge was to develop a centralised function for Projects and Programs under the Payment Services division. The solution was the creation of a highly collaborative team to support the delivery of projects in this division from ideation to completion. We also defined and implemented a set of best practices and methodologies to ensure all activities were done correctly and properly documented and developed new capabilities for managing project resources and costs. As a result, the company experienced improved engagement and collaboration among their team members, better data transparency, and an overall boost in company culture. Not to mention the first year where their employee engagement scores were 15% on the year prior.


Communication is the lifeblood of any successful team venture and any successful relationship. We implement communication that is effective and efficient, ensuring customers are kept informed throughout our engagement, and that our teams are sharing insights for continuous improvement in everything we do. We believe communication should always be multidirectional, so we make sure to listen as much as we share our own ideas. Further, we develop solutions for our clients that make it easy for them to share information and communicate smoothly with one another moving forward. With an emphasis on transferring our capabilities to you, the client.

Consider this case study involving the IT department for one of the largest automotive companies in the world. AMO was engaged to develop their FY22 Portfolio Management Roadmap. The challenge was to accomplish this with a team already experiencing change fatigue and unite many stakeholders around a common vision and goal. What’s more, the team members and stakeholders were dispersed in different locations due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Communication was key here as we had to work remotely, had to coach staff, and increase engagement significantly. Through effective communication, we were able to help this team develop new capabilities and develop a roadmap and framework that could be used to roll out future capabilities.

Our 3C’s underpin everything we do, whether it’s providing consulting services, developing frameworks, delivering project management systems, driving organisational change, or recruiting talent. We believe in establishing trust by delivering consistent results and reliable service, as showcased in our case study with a big-four bank where we established a global PMO framework to achieve consistency across thirteen countries. Collaboration is at the core of our approach, as we work collaboratively with clients, partners, and teams to make a difference. In a case study with a leading supermarket chain, we created a highly collaborative team to support the delivery of projects and implemented best practices for improved engagement and culture. Effective communication is essential, as demonstrated in our engagement with an automotive company’s IT department, where we successfully developed a portfolio management roadmap despite remote work challenges. Through our commitment to the 3 C’s, we strive to deliver exceptional results and create lasting partnerships with our clients.

By implementing some of these recommendations, organisations can strengthen their agile governance capabilities, overcome implementation challenges, and ensure that governance practices align with the principles of agility. This will enable them to fully harness the benefits of agile ways of working and drive value across the organisation.

As organisations embrace agile ways of working, it is crucial to address the challenges that arise post-implementation. Establishing a Value Management Office can help bridge the gaps and ensure that the intended benefits of agile practices are realised. However, the true essence of agile governance lies not in redefining governance itself but in adapting and applying it effectively within an agile environment. By embracing collaborative decision-making, transparent communication, adaptive risk management, and a culture of continuous learning, organisations can leverage agile governance to navigate the complexities of a dynamic business landscape and drive sustainable success.

If in doubt, and need help figuring it out, speak to the leaders in Agile Governance, the Agile Management Office.

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