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Transforming this Energy Company: A Journey Towards Value Streams

2024-02-22T09:04:43+11:00February 22nd, 2024|

In the fast-paced energy industry, companies must continually adapt to meet evolving customer demands and streamline their operations. Let’s call the company ‘The Energy Company’ embarked on a transformational change management program, aiming to restructure its business and enhance the customer experience throughout the value chain. This blog explores The Energy Company's journey toward [...]

Which ‘Wave’ of Agile Are You Up To?

2024-02-20T09:19:14+11:00January 22nd, 2024|

Agile, the transformative force in modern project management, has ridden a wave of innovation that has reshaped industries and redefined success. But do you know which 'wave' of Agile your organisation is currently riding? Join us as we dive into the dynamic world of Agile-based methodologies and discover why understanding your position in these [...]

The Power of Adaptive Governance in Project Management

2023-12-21T13:27:40+11:00December 21st, 2023|

In the ever-evolving realm of project management, a revolutionary approach has been gaining momentum — Adaptive Governance. Imagine a project management strategy that not only embraces change but thrives on it, propelling your projects forward in the face of uncertainty. This article explores the dynamic concept of Adaptive Governance, unraveling its essence and showcasing [...]

Evolving Governance: From Traditional to Agile to Adaptive

2024-02-21T13:42:23+11:00December 6th, 2023|

In the dynamic landscape of project management, the evolution of governance has become a critical cornerstone in navigating the complexities of today's business environment. As we embark on this journey, we delve into the transformative shifts from traditional, rigid governance to agile methodologies, recognising the strengths and limitations of each. However, our exploration [...]

Unmasking Watermelon Projects: Why They’re More Common Than You Think

2023-11-13T12:28:09+11:00November 13th, 2023|

In the dynamic world of project management, we often find ourselves navigating the tricky terrain of project indicators, where projects can sometimes resemble traffic lights. We may perceive them as green, amber, or red, but the reality may not always match our perception. This phenomenon is aptly described as "subjective traffic lighting," where [...]

PMO Trends for 2024

2023-11-27T08:32:42+11:00October 30th, 2023|

As 2023 draws to a close, it's a moment for reflection, both on a global scale and within the realm of project management. The past year has seen economic and political uncertainty. Yet, amidst the challenges, we've also witnessed tremendous growth, opportunity, and innovation. To set the stage for what follows, it's essential to [...]

The Surprising Success of Accidental Project Managers

2023-10-04T10:21:37+11:00September 24th, 2023|

From Novices to Navigators In the world of project management, it is not uncommon to encounter individuals who stumbled into the role accidentally, with no formal training or certifications. Surprisingly, these accidental project managers often manage to deliver projects with remarkable success, outperforming some formally trained counterparts. Have you ever wondered why this [...]

The Never-Ending Project

2023-09-24T19:20:25+10:00September 11th, 2023|

When it's not really a project In the bustling world of modern workplaces, the term "project" gets thrown around quite liberally. From boardroom meetings to team discussions, everyone seems to be working on a project of some sort. But have you ever found yourself in a situation where what was supposed to be [...]

Meet Tor – Our New IT Intern

2023-09-06T14:55:20+10:00September 6th, 2023|

With our initiatives, projects, number of partners, and plans expanding at an incredibly exciting rate, AMO is hiring an IT intern to help us uplift our capability for delivery as we look into automation and process optimisation! We're excited to introduce you to Tor, all the way from Aarhus University Denmark, that will be [...]

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