Who gives a cr*p about graduates?

2022-08-30T15:51:22+10:00November 24th, 2018|

Who wouldn’t want an extra pair of hands? Graduates can be a cost-effective addition to the team! Someone who can help your team to get things done! Someone who can do all the jobs that no one else wants to do! How many times do we see graduates / trainees / interns being requested [...]

What Boards don’t know WILL hurt them

2022-08-26T13:25:42+10:00November 24th, 2018|

I should probably start by saying that I’ve never held a Board Member position; at least, not yet anyway. I have, however, spent (a lot of) time preparing papers, reports and governance strategies for Boards. They have been for various activities, such as large transformation programs or (de)mergers / acquisitions. Doing so had enabled [...]

The power of preventative maintenance

2022-08-26T13:21:32+10:00November 20th, 2018|

You’ve likely heard (a lot) about the Financial Services Royal Commission (FSRC). I know, it’s likely your eyes are glazing over already, but stay with me; there are some key learnings that can be applied in any organisation, across any industry. As part of the FSRC’s interim report (Volume 1) into the misconduct of [...]

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