Expertly Crafted Workshops for Individuals and Businesses Alike

Expertly Crafted Workshops for Individuals and Businesses Alike

Agile in the PMO

Everyone wants agility and the competitive advantage it brings – but when implementing Agile, organisations struggle with pivoting their PMO and similar governance functions to this new way of working.

This workshop looks at easing that PMO transition, using an Agile approach focused on solving problems, innovation, collaboration, and creativity. By doing so, we can unlock a new level of efficiency as PMOs work more effectively with project delivery teams.

Project Management for Non-Project Managers

Often even the best Project Managers can forget not everyone is fluent in the language of Project Management – and it may leave you (whether you are a stakeholder, sponsor or steering committee member) in the dark about where the project is heading.

This workshop aims to bridge that gap – expand your knowledge of Project Management fundamentals, learn from experts and come away with the tools to effectively communicate with project teams.

Team Building

Get together with your team to elevate energy and up-skill with this unique team building experience!

Based around the one-of-a-kind PMZone simulation board game (available exclusively through AMO) your team will gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental concepts and challenges of project management. Our AMO experts will help you navigate the game and find ways to build trust and work smarter.

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Whether you are looking to transform yourself of your business, our expertly crafted workshops will help you to build a well-rounded understanding.

Agile Management Office understands the need for knowledge, and it’s knowledge that drives transformation and capability uplift. We therefore have embarked on a journey to build the highest quality workshops. Whilst they are still being developed, please feel free to contact us if you wish to learn more.