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Introduction to Governance

Individuals within organisations (or working alone but possessing some decision-making power that affects others) would probably find that traditional management tools are not well suited to comply with the increasing number of regulations, standards and organisational aspirations that pervade today’s business environments.

Meeting these complex operating conditions requires skills that go beyond good managing and leadership and include an understanding of the current global and local drivers of governance as well as the capacity to negotiate, communicate and interpret information from a variety of stakeholders.

This workshop will help you identify the most important principles of governance and assist you in preparing a working governance framework for your organisation.

Objective: Specifically designed to assist board members, executives and Project Managers gain a basic understanding of governance principles as they apply to current operating conditions

AMO Workshop Outcomes:

  • Understand different principles of governance
  • Recognise Macro vs Micro governance
  • Know when to use Hard vs Soft governance methods
  • Learn how global governance impacts individual employees and vice-versa
  • Avoid the risks of ineffective governance
  • Prepare suitable governance frameworks that work for your organisation

Audience: Designed for anyone wishing to understand the basics of governance.


Organise Effective Steering Committees

At its core, the project steering committee is a governing device used to organize key project stakeholders and empower them to “steer” a project (or group of projects) to a successful conclusion.

Unfortunately, these days it appears anyone and everyone is included in a steering committee and often has little to no experience in leading, chairing, or contributing to one. We find members spend more time talking or reading packs than actually making decisions that can help their organisation develop and transform.

This workshop will help you effectively and efficiently establish the right foundations for strong steering committees and good record-keeping for audit-ability. It will help showcase the right way to run the steering committee for maximum value.

Objective: Specifically designed to help educate and inform on the importance of Steering Committees, their purpose, objectives, and how to do it well so that you can help your Projects increase their speed and their chances of success.

AMO Workshop Outcomes:

  • Defining the terms of reference and charter
  • Select and assign roles in the committee
  • Good record-keeping for audit-ability
  • Defining the vision and mission
  • How Project Managers will engage with the committee
  • Agenda development and minutes
  • Time-saving techniques for maximum productivity
  • Delivered by Project Management Experts with experience across all aspects of Project Management

Audience: Designed for anyone establishing, leading or participating in steering committees.


Understanding the PMO for Executives

Organisational alignment is critical to both the success of any business and its ability to remain competitive. Too many organisations create PMOs, provide no strategic executive backing for the function, and expect the PMO to succeed. We believe that accountability of the function goes back to the executives who need to empower people in the organisation to make the change possible.

We help executives take the time to understand the role of governance and how the PMO is being used to drive the change and how it’s affecting positively and negatively on the Projects within your organisation. We will help demonstrate what you can do to streamline and significantly improve the ROI on your PMO investment.

Objective: Specifically designed to help executives to understand the role of the PMO, how the PMO impacts Projects success and failure and how to establish key frameworks to instigate efficiency and effective PMOs

AMO Workshop Outcomes:

  • Project vs PMO Evolution
  • History of the PMO
  • Understanding the importance of governance in Project Management
  • Establishing frameworks that will create repeatability not rework
  • How to best support your PMOs so they can support your Projects better
  • Positioning the PMO to ensure it delivers value
  • Delivered by Project Management Experts with experience across all aspects of Project Management

Audience: Designed for executives and Project leaders who are engaging the services of a PMO / Project Support function or have these within their organisations and looking to ensure maximum ROI.


Project Management for Non-Project Managers

Often the best of Project Managers can assume that everyone understands what they are talking about and what different Project terminology means. Despite having the best Project Managers, often those they will interact with, your stakeholders, your sponsors, your steering committee members will often be unaware of the fundamentals of Project Management.

Without having a common language and understanding of Project Management, you still need to meet your strategic objectives, let alone your Project scope!

Taking our workshop, we will provide you with a foundation to expand your skills, knowledge, and interest in Project Management.

Objective: Specifically designed to help Non-Project Managers a foundational level of Project Management knowledge that will give them context and clarity so you too can speak ‘Project Management’.

AMO Workshop Outcomes:

  • Develop essential Project Management knowledge and skills that will assist your conversations with Project Managers
  • Understand the different delivery styles that exist and how they may be applied
  • Learn more about the roles and responsibilities in traditional and agile methodologies
  • Understand the fundamental stages of a project and its key components
  • Exclusive access to templates, tools, coaching videos, tips, checklists for ongoing support
  • Delivered by Project Management Experts with experience across all aspects of Project Management

Audience: Designed for anyone who contributes to a project team. The workshop is especially valuable for team members who have had some interest in Project Management but not sure where to start.


Agile in the PMO

PMOs are not Agile in nature; they are often reactively driven by the needs of senior management. Their ability to pivot to the changing environment around them is often difficult, to say the least.

As a PMO to do you want to have the ability to pivot to the changing environment?  Ensuring you learn the ability to adapt to the evolution of delivery.

In this workshop, we take you through the key elements of Agile Project Management and how the change in delivery styles is changing our roles in the PMO. We will look at using more of an Agile approach focused on solving problems using innovation, collaboration, and creativity and learn how to bring stakeholders on the journey.

Objective: Specifically designed to help PMOs learn the essentials of Agile Project Management. Helping them evolve their ways of working to support new Agile delivery techniques & styles and better engage with Agile teams.

AMO Workshop Outcomes:

  • Introduction to Agile Delivery Methods
  • Understanding the importance of Agile governance techniques
  • Feel inspired and reinvigorated in your role
  • Practical application of agile techniques to the PMO
  • Inspiration/ideas to take away and implement the next day
  • Establish your personal MVP
  • Ensuring the relevance of the PMO moving forward
  • Positioning the PMO to ensure it delivers value
  • Delivered by Industry Experts

Audience: Designed for anyone working within a PMO or Project Support function or anyone aspiring to be part of one. The workshop is especially valuable for team members who are undertaking more governance in their roles.


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