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In recognising an opportunity to share our information, knowledge, and ways in which we are thinking differently; Agile Ideas was born. By using a combination of podcasts, blog, email newsletter, and YouTube videos, we are bringing together our expertise. If you would like to contribute to Agile Ideas, you can get in touch with our team HERE.


Our Blog

Is your consulting firm too big to care?

Running a business is never easy. Sometimes the only easy thing is seeing that something isn't working. A business’ operating procedures can become engrained, [...]

Why Not to Play it Safe with Agile

When Agile first started, it was a grassroots movement. A rebellion against the heavy-handed waterfall/project management processes that were common at the time. It [...]

Are You Project Selfish?

You’ve just got your dream project. It’s a career-maker, and if you do well, you know there are big things ahead for you. Chances [...]

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Our Podcast

Our podcasts suits someone who wants to make use of their time in the car, going for a jog, or just aren’t the avid reader.

Tune into our post recent podcasts…

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Our Videos

If you’re a visual learner then you may find some value in watching some of our videos. Varying in length, our videos are made to cater a wide audience.

Grab a notepad, or popcorn; whichever you fancy. Enjoy!!

Our Publications

Our latest publications include an ongoing series of white papers all about Agile in various industries, its current trends, predictions, challenges, and tips on how to be agile in your respective industry.


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