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Welcome to Agile Ideas

In recognising an opportunity to share our information, knowledge, and ways in which we’re thinking differently; Agile Ideas was born. By using a combination of podcasts, blog, email newsletter, and YouTube videos, we’re bringing together our expertise. If you’d like to contribute to Agile Ideas, you can get in touch with our team HERE.

Our Blog

Our blog is perfect for when you have a spare 5 minutes at your computer, or want something to read whilst you’re at lunch!

Check out a few of our recent posts below…

Do you have Agile FOMO?

FOMO. Fear of missing out! If you use social media, or are entrenched in trading platforms / forums, trawl a bit of reddit here [...]

Top 5 trends for PMO in 2019

Coming into 2019, we believe it is both an exciting but challenging time for PMOs. Throughout the past few years we have observed a [...]

Who gives a cr*p about graduates?

Who wouldn’t want an extra pair of hands? A cost-effective addition to the team! Someone who can help your team to get things done! [...]

Our Podcast

Our podcasts suits someone who wants to make use of their time in the car, going for a jog, or just aren’t the avid reader.

Tune into our post recent podcasts below…

Episode 0

Episode 1

Episode 2

Our Channel

We will soon be posting videos as well!