What does Agile mean to you?

2022-08-26T13:01:23+10:00September 28th, 2018|

We need to do Agile, they say. But what does Agile mean? It’s been said and done far too many times, where leadership have proposed and mandated an organisational change to DO Agile delivery, as if to say that Agile is a black and white framework (like Waterfall, ITIL, Six Sigma or PMBOK). Whilst [...]

Agile opportunities for the PMO

2022-08-25T16:15:01+10:00September 28th, 2018|

Agile PMO Projects  Traditional waterfall projects are generally overlaid with traditional governance practices that are cyclical or periodic in nature. For example, the monthly Steer Co Pack, weekly risks and issues workshops, weekly project briefings, weekly change control board, monthly project status reports. All of these activities are considered to respond to the nature of waterfall delivery practices. Agile offers PMO’s an incredible opportunity to transform [...]

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