Problem Solving

Solve your high risk project, process and governance problems in record time with our problem solving capabilities

Problem solving with AMO

You’ve got a gap,
and you need to fix it now

Do you often hear in your organisation “I can’t spare time to resolve this” or “we just don’t have the capacity right now”?

We hear this from businesses all the time! Whether due to time constraints, gaps in capability and knowledge, or limitations in capacity, these issues can pose significant risks, potentially jeopardizing entire projects or programs.

Some common problems we see include the following:

You have a pivot in your scope, requiring assessment, re-plan, and new resources with a tight deadline.

Response to high attrition in delivery teams requiring a refresh on risks, assumptions, issues, and dependencies, a reprioritisation, and a replan.

New starters – pull together a proposal for an induction pack and retention strategy.

Change is not sticking, causing confusion and slow progress, requiring a change relaunch strategy and approach.

Fundamental governance pillars are identified as missing, requiring an assessment and quick fix solution rapidly.

You have a new project/program or need a PMO but are not sure where to start. A quick start recommendation would be useful here.

Immediate problem solving
for urgent issues

We offer solutions for challenges with imminent risks and significant impact and we can help y0u address these challenges fast. Because sometimes you don’t need everything all at once.


We have a brief initial chat to determine if Firefighting is the right solution for you based on your problems.


If our problem solving is for you, we conduct a Situation Assessment to get to the root cause. Together we also determine if further conversations are required before an action plan is created.


Our experts then create a Rapid Response Action Plan to help you get out of trouble, achieve quick wins, and do so quickly.

We are your thinking partner.

We give you instant tips for quick wins from our extensive experience and multi-industry insights.

You get a quick turnaround for problem solving.

We identify micro pain points to stop risks from developing into issues and halt issues in their tracks.

Instant benefits

Why might this be the right course of action for you?

Comprehensive solution

Access to a proven complete package of capabilities and functionalities

Scalable to meet your evolving needs, start small and build incrementally to accommodate growth

Introduce new or uplift existing capabilities based on your current situation and maturity

Convenience and accessibility

Easy to use and readily accessible

Eliminates the need to search for or acquire components separatelv

Swift deployment, allowing quick leverage without laborious setup or configuration time

Streamlined integration

A holistic approach to addressing challenges and achieving goals

Promotes synergy and coherence throughout a business or project

Simplifies the process of deploying and utilising capabilities

Eliminates the complexity of managing disparate processes

Fully tailored to your situation

We tailor our approach to align with your scaling solution needs, ensuring a swift and effective implementation.

We guide you

Our advisory services are a quick, simple, and unobtrusive way to gain professional advice.

We help you in the next steps, by making recommendations on which tools, processes, and frameworks to adopt, in which order, and what good looks like.

We work with you

Our coaching offering up-skills leaders, staff, and teams in a situation-dependent manner.

We co-design the outputs with your teams, including building the framework and tools together and running awareness sessions to educate your people further.

We do it for you

Our delivery services build a combination of toolkits and frameworks to set the right foundations and enable project delivery.

We make sure to co-design and educate you so vou own the solution every step of the way.