Solve your high risk problems in record time with our problem solving capabilities

You’ve got a gap, and you need to fix it now

Do you often hear in your organisation “I don’t have time to fix that” or “we just don’t have the capacity right now”?

We hear this from businesses all the time! They are either time-poor, have a capability and knowledge gap, or have a capacity gap. This can lead to a range of issues and is a risk for your project, program, and business.

Some common problems we see include the following:

Fast Problem Solving for Urgent Issues

A solution for any problem that has an imminent, high risk, and likely impact.

Our process includes:


We have a brief initial chat to determine if you really do have a fire on your hands and if our firefighting solution is right for you.


If we agree, firefighting is for you, we conduct a Situation Assessment to get to the root cause. We help you identify the next steps and provide you a simple easy to follow action plan to address the issues.


Our experts then create a Rapid Response Action Plan to help you get out of trouble, identify quick wins, and start reducing the risk immediately. After this, we have a number of ways we can help you act on the plan.

We’re your Solution Partner.

We give you instant tips for quick wins from our extensive experience and multi-industry insights.

Unlock Rapid Solutions. Fast turnaround for problem-solving.

We identify micro pain points to stop risks from developing into issues, stopping them in their tracks.

Instant Benefits

Getting the firefighters in will help you keep things under control before they escalate!

Fully Tailored to your Situation

We work aligned with your needs and help get you back on track as soon as possible.

If you need help with execution, here are options for how we work with you:

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Uplifting capabilities and processes can be overwhelming. Our problem solving service lets you do this rapidly, focusing on quick wins that have a large impact.

We understand the importance of what having strong management capabilities and enough capacity can do for an organisation. It is why we help you make lasting change that is adaptable to your changing needs.

Let’s discuss how we can help you.

We can guide you towards achieving the right outcomes.