Everything evolves in life, what about the PMO?

The primary goal of any PMO in any organisation, regardless of size, industry and maturity is to drive consistency and repeatability across all projects and programs. Such consistency benefits everyone in the organisation and makes it easier to assess project and program information and enables better decision making.

For the project community, this consistency provides a roadmap that is built on lessons learned and can help guide future project success. Everything evolves in life, what about the PMO?

Traditional Portfolio, Program and Project methodologies use a ‘one size fits all’ approach, hence are inflexible and inefficient in addressing the specific governance needs and expectations of an organisation. Everyone is working using best endeavours and trying to improve in isolation. Everyone thinks they have the ‘best way’ and while these efforts are well intentioned, they are typically not working to the same goals and objectives.

We are not getting it right in the first iteration resulting in budget and schedule overruns. This importance of getting it right the first time is lost in complexity of processes and procedures. Every time we initiate a new Portfolio, Program or Project we keep reinventing the wheel. This is neither efficient or effective governance. Resulting in duplication and loss of productivity.

We need a disruptive solutions approach to the traditional methodology used for Governance of Portfolios, Programs and Projects.  Coordination and Collaboration of Effort together with a consistent, yet flexible method is the solution to delivering quality outcomes that address the specific governance requirements of the organisation. Adaptability & flexibility in applying AMO’s PROVEN method for Portfolio, Program and Project Governance is key to the achievement of quality outcomes that meet the specific needs and expectations of our clients.

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We’re a passionate team of problem solvers, using disruptive solutions to challenge the traditional way of  Portfolio, Program and Project governance.

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We help you to problem solve, implement change and uplift PMO & Governance capability in your organisation through our unique AMO Method.

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We target high value areas, shifting priorities to where it’s needed most, through capability uplift, continuous improvement and by making it happen.

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