An introductory guide: helping you gain insights into the language and fundamentals of project management. Understanding this will enable you to work more optimally in your business, teams, and projects.

The words “project” and “management” when put together either invoke a sense of frenzied excitement or a bout of nervous apprehension. Project management is very much a game of chess with many possible moves but only two possible outcomes—a win or a stalemate.

The mere thought of managing a project can send someone’s mind somersaulting. It’s even worse if that person has never managed a project before or been a part of a project team. It’s a lot more common than you would think, which is why we have put together this handy guide to get you started with project management.

In this digital introductory guide, you will learn about the following topics:

  • The Importance of Project Management

  • The Key Components of Project Management

  • Popular Project Management Methodologies

  • The Project Lifecycle

  • How to Prepare a Project Plan in 6 Steps

  • The Best Tools for Project Management

  • Top Tips for Introducing Project Management in your Business

  • Measuring Success & Failure

In this package, you also receive tools and templates crafted by our experts that we use ourselves and with our clients!

The digital introductory guide includes guiding videos on how to use the templates.

Download and use in your practice, team, or business.

Invest in your growth and career today!


Several tools and templates and guiding videos are included to kickstart your project based on proven practice.