Resource Augmentation

Strengthen your teams’ project, pmo and agile capabilities and build capacity with the right skills and expertise

You’ve got a gap,
and you need to fix it now

Do you often hear in your organisation “we don’t have the resources for this” or “we just don’t have the capacity right now”?

We hear this from businesses all the time! They are either time-poor, have a capability and knowledge gap, or have a capacity gap. This can create compounding issues that can jeopardise an entire project, program, or strategy.

Some common problems we see include the following:

Struggling to find the right skills and cultural fit the first time

Quickly securing the right candidate can be delayed as potential hires opt for other opportunities elsewhere

Candidates frequently express dissatisfaction with their overall candidate experience

Enhancing your recruitment process for greater efficiency

Personal touch to all interactions, ensuring that good rapport is built with each Candidate & Client, creating long-term loyalty.


We meet with you to understand your current drivers and roadblocks to scale.


We talk you through right-sized solutions to deliver your organisational outcomes.


We cultivate a people-centric approach to bolster your recruitment strategy.

We are your thinking partner.

We focus on quality outcomes, cultural fit and knowledge of key attributes for candidates to succeed in their designated roles.

You fill your gaps efficiently and effectively.

Instant benefits for your business

Why might this be the right course of action for you?

Experts recruiting experts in their field

Experts interviewing experts and peer-to-peer reviews ensure you get the right talent, the first time.

Balanced interview process

Balanced interviews with male and female insights covering knowledge, behavioral, and cultural fit.

Mapping the talent pipeline

Identify talent requirements ahead of time and accelerate your resourcing requirements.

Instant benefits for candidates

Why might this be the right course of action for candidates?

Benefits and ongoing support

An introduction to various support services, career development advice, and referral rewards are included.

Professional development opportunities

Invitations to training & networking opportunities as well as building a capability profile enables longer-term opportunities.

Positive recruitment experiences

Our process is transparent, friendly, and fair with like-minded experts, we have been in your shoes.

What we do behind the scenes

You know what you need but don’t have the time or capacity in your team to deliver it right now. Introducing our 360° People model covering all areas of resource augmentation and recruitment across the value chain.