With our initiatives, projects, number of partners, and plans expanding at an incredibly exciting rate, AMO is hiring some new digital marketing interns to help us manage the increased communication efforts! We’re excited to introduce you to Seth that will be helping us with digital marketing.

What is your role at Agile Management Office?

As a Digital Marketing Intern at Agile Management Office, I will utilise my prior experience in both Business and Marketing to the table. I am eager to support the marketing team’s efforts by lending a hand to various initiatives, including content creation, market research, and social media management. My focus will also be on paid advertising, where I can utilise my knowledge to maximise campaign performance and drive results. My objective is to assist in promoting the company and its offerings, while gaining further exposure and training in the realm of digital marketing.

Why did you choose to work for Agile Management Office?

Believe it or not, but AMO’s futuristic logo was the first element that caught my eye as I have a big passion for branding and marketing. It made me really appreciate the overall brand presence of the company. When I found out that AMO helps aspiring organisation’s reach their transformation goals through its proven practices, I knew that I wanted to be a part of that change too. Additionally, with AMO’s small team of experts, I know that I will be able to work closely with experienced professionals and learn from them in a hands-on environment.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

When I’m not working, I stay busy with my studies as I am currently pursuing a dual degree in International Business and Arts with a major in Chinese. I also make an effort to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym often.

Additionally, music plays a major role in my life, and so I enjoy playing the cello. I love learning new and interesting things to continue developing my skills both in a personal and professional capacity.

Up early or out late?

Definitely always up early! I love quiet mornings where I can get a few things done and dusted before everyone wakes up. In the morning, you’ll probably find me at the gym or in the kitchen cooking up a hearty and healthy breakfast.