Agile Management Office has 12 Guiding Principles that lead our way of working. These principles are integrated into our AMO Way framework for implementing long lasting change, and by embodying these 12 points, we have been able to secure reliable and targeted results for all of our clients.

Let’s dive into one of the principles!

Principle 6:

Foster an environment of continuous collaboration and coordination


Just like principles 4 and 5 it is vital to create and maintain an environment that fosters the continuous coordination and collaboration. It is about how you manage the complex and bring it altogether, utilising the right people at the right time, for the right things and to bring people together, getting it right the first time and working transparently and openly, being empathetic and honest.


Collaborative practices entails disciplines at all levels being organised and perceived as a common effort, with common values, to solve common challenges with mutual interest of participatory levels of engagement. The synergy between different levels of professional skills can improve collaboration and ensure trust and respect in the collaborative practice. Staff should also be acknowledged for their collaboration efforts, with regular feedback.


  • Ask often, are we being as effective as we can be?
  • Are we creating value for yourself or for the wider organisation
  • How can we improve incrementally to increase our collaboration
  • How are we measuring feedback that matters from our customers
  • How can our organisational processes change to support a collaborative stakeholder feedback driven environment (i.e., OKRs)

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