Agile Management Office has 12 Guiding Principles that lead our way of working. These principles are integrated into our AMO Way framework for implementing long lasting change, and by embodying these 12 points, we have been able to secure reliable and targeted results for all of our clients.

Let’s dive into one of the principles!

Principle 7:

Target high-value areas that benefit the masses


The higher the perceived value of different areas, the more likelihood that the value opportunities are seized, and higher project value is then achieved. Targeting these high value areas can create benefit for people across a team and simplify processes so that portfolio is more streamlined and effortless. Here we focus on the changes with the biggest impact, just like an organisation focuses on the projects that will drive the biggest return on investment.


What often neglected processes that are time consuming can we eliminate or reduce complexity for? For example, time sheet processes and recruitment processes are often long winded and time consuming. Where processes can be automated, they should be especially if they are saving significant time and effort. Think about undertaking a collaborative exercise to identify the most useless process in your organisation and the ones ranked highest are addressed first.


  • Ask what are our areas of priorities?
  • What are the priorities in terms of cost and effort and what areas will create value for your team?
  • Have we asked our stakeholders what processes are ineffective?
  • What do we with feedback and do we even track it?
  • Are there any opportunities to automate our processes?

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