Though leaving for the office every day might be ingrained into your psyche, the truth is that times are changing. Especially if you’re not exactly thrilled about working from home, the transition can be tough. Fortunately, you can make your new routine run a bit smoother with these tips from the Agile Management Office blog.

Enforce a Daily Schedule

Routines are helpful for a reason. So you shouldn’t ditch yours just because your commute ended.

Designate an Effective Workspace

Having a comfortable area to work is essential. You also need specific equipment to work from home productively.

  • Invest in gear for comfort and convenience (if it’s in your budget).
  • Consider building an office in a spare room or even an addition.
  • If you must work from your couch, take steps to avoid discomfort.
  • Stay on top of clutter to keep productivity high, stress at bay, and your health at its best.

Stay Connected With Your Team

Working from home doesn’t have to mean working alone. Find ways to remain connected to coworkers, employees, and friends.

  • Connect with coworkers with routines, competitions, and even happy hours.
  • Maintain open communication during the workday and focus on collaboration.
  • Use tools to get feedback and complete projects as a team.
  • Explore Agile Management Office’s solutions and resources to guarantee a high-performing, accountable, and efficient staff.

The transition to working remotely can be challenging, whether you embrace the change or not. But with these resources, you can find relief from common stressors and improve your professional outlook from home. This new normal may not be so tough once you have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Guest Blog by Julie Morris – life and career coach. She specialises in helping others live their best lives by inspiring them to look past their bank accounts to find more fulfilment from their jobs and lives. Julie can be found at her website here. We thank her for her insightful article, tailored to our focus of increasing productivity and agility in the workplace and now at home. Enjoy!