Agile Project Delivery & Governance Toolkits and Frameworks

Agile Project Delivery & Governance Toolkits and Frameworks

Achieve the best results from an optimised project delivery and governance framework

Missed timelines, inaccurate reporting, low quality outputs, inconsistent work, budget variances and communication breakdowns are just some of the common problems faced by a business with inefficient project delivery and governance processes.

Such inefficiencies are often due to a legacy process, a revolving door of resources and the fact that process improvement is often managed in siloes across your business implementing the same recycled ideas.

To ensure every project stays on track and everyone remains accountable, the right project management delivery and governance framework must be in place. It should complement your team, environment and culture. This will allow your business to achieve the best results every day and stop the incessant rework.

Are your projects struggling to deliver the right outcomes?

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Optimise your project delivery

End-to-end project governance solutions

Projects need to have integrated resources and well-designed processes to guarantee they are performing efficiently with proper staff accountability.

At Agile Management Office, we offer you a combination of project toolkits (including software tools and templates) and frameworks (such as process maps, guiding principles, roles & responsibilities and descriptions) to rebuild the right foundations and support your business in delivering projects.

Our goal is to equip your business with the right structure and framework that will allow your team to plan, build and implement projects as efficiently as possible – removing all unnecessary roadblocks. By streamlining every aspect of your project and governance, stakeholders will see considerable improvements and improved overall success.

How this works for you

First we assess your current environment, looking at your project processes and procedures across the board. We then continuously collaborate with you to define and create a suite of tailored tools and templates that will allow your team to complete work more effectively whilst taking into account any enterprise level requirements.

At Agile Management Office, we also build you a framework to ensure that all external and internal members of your projects have a reliable reference guide for their tasks and responsibilities.

This enables a productive project governance model to be a knowledge centre for your project management function – providing better coordination, consistency and collaboration across your organisation.

Project Management, Governance & Agile Consulting Services

Upgrade your project governance processes

Agile Management Office works alongside your business to build a productive structure to oversee project delivery– allowing you to overcome project delivery challenges across all teams and functions of your business.

This also allows you to make more informed decisions due to greater transparency, streamlined processes and increased accountability.

Through better project governance, you can be assured of high-quality project delivery that is collaborative, efficient and produces better results.

Optimise your project delivery

Our approach to improving project governance

Agile Management Office provides you with project management solutions that are built upon our own tried and tested AMO method – which is a powerful delivery approach that leverages the best parts of other methodologies and delivers solutions that are tailored specifically to your business.

We immerse ourselves into your operating rhythms, get familiarised with your challenges and coordinate with your team members to design and build the right solutions to improve your overall business project efficiency.

What Our Clients Say

I engaged Agile Management Office to help us in the PMO & governance space. The AMO team delivered several outputs, including a detailed roadmap and provided us guidance on how we could move forward. I also worked with the team at AMO previously at ANZ, Fatimah and her team helped build a global PMO for us that supported 13 countries. The team are the experts in everything PMO and I recommend them highly.

Justene McDowell, Executive Manager, Commonwealth Bank

Why use Agile Project Delivery & Governance Toolkits and Frameworks?

Agile Management Office delivers the best framework and toolkits that will work specifically on improving your project delivery requirements.

We synergise with your business to understand what needs to remain, be improved or replaced, and then develop an action plan to deliver results you’ll notice.

Through our governance service, we offer fresh industry insights and out-of-the-box solutions that eliminate issues and enhance your project delivery outcomes using proven methods and best practice concepts.

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Focusing on project governance ensures your tasks are accomplished on time and on budget, and that the overall delivery is aligned with your business’ goals.

Agile Management Office offers the appropriate governance tools, frameworks and resources to help you manage responsibilities, improve team collaboration and enhance the delivery of project outcomes.
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