Agile Management Office has 12 Guiding Principles that lead our way of working. These principles are integrated into our AMO Way framework for implementing long lasting change, and by embodying these 12 points, we have been able to secure reliable and targeted results for all of our clients.

Let’s dive into one of the principles!

Principle 2:

Introduce a single governance data source from Portfolio to Project


Data governance is about organising and securing data. It also determines the methodical way in which your organisation utilises and shares data amongst teams. Governing data through a single source is vital for aligning strategic objectives, project delivery and operational governance requirements to ensure continuity and consistency. You do this by focusing on a single point of truth.


Using data from various sources can be complicated but sometimes essential. The key is to identify the data sources and be clear about how you will utilise them and how you will ensure the data always maintains its integrity. For example, defining early on what data sources you have and what they provide and how often this data source will be refreshed, for example staff timesheet data, refreshed weekly, used to then update project delivery in work usage. This can also be done in real time using specific systems.


  • Clarify the data required and revisit these requirements as you go to streamline your business.
  • How can you ensure the data you have is consistent?
  • Where do you store the data? Is it secure in the cloud?
  • What types of metadata are you collecting and why?
  • How is your data protected, access tracked and preserved?

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