Agile Management Office has 12 Guiding Principles that lead our way of working. These principles are integrated into our AMO Way framework for implementing long lasting change, and by embodying these 12 points, we have been able to secure reliable and targeted results for all of our clients.

Let’s dive into one of the principles!

Principle 10:

Demonstrate reliability as a cohesive function


Cohesion often decreases complexity which makes a system or organisation easier to understand but also maintain. Functional cohesion is simply defined as parts of an element being grouped because they all contribute to a single well-defined task. To increase reputation, your internal brand, your collaboration and your value long term, the team must be always be in sync, supporting one another and backing each other up to prevent loss of data, business impact or a reduction in resources. This will demonstrate reliability and foster trust.


By working as a unified team, not only will you drive better outcomes, reduce stress for those unavoidable days when you are unwell or overloaded. It also provides a more difficult task to eliminate a function that is performing optimally and exceeding all expectations, plus it provides consistency for stakeholders across the value chain. Further, you foster trust in stakeholders which is key in taking everyone along on the journey.


  • Demonstrating reliability means managing your commitments by prioritising, keeping focus on time and deadlines.
  • Communicate proactively.
  • Focus on actions of initiative and be true to team and operational values.
  • Ensure higher level of engagement with remote teams.
  • Be transparent, open to change and create moments for greater cultural uplift.

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