We have received excellent news that our CEO Fatimah Abbouchi has qualified as one of the 15 semi-finalists for PMO Global Alliance’s 2020 PMO Influencer of the Year Award. The PMO Global Awards is the annual world’s largest professional award for Project Management Offices, their organisations and leaders.

Created in 2018 and hosted by PMO Global Alliance, it annually recognizes and honors the work and efforts by organisations and individuals around the world, celebrating representativeness and diversity of countries, cultures, and experiences.

More than a competition, the PMO Global Awards is a vibrant learning process where the exchange of knowledge and experience contributes significantly to the maturing and evolution of the PMO global community.

Many aspects make the PMO Global Awards unique, but most of all, the passion for the PMO profession that drives over 500 volunteers, who lead, collaborate and make this initiative a big celebration for the PMO global community!

The Professional Awards is the category of the PMO Global Awards that annually honors individuals around the World for their outstanding performance and for their significant contributions to the PMO global community.

PMO Global Alliance is a global community of professionals with a common interest in the PMO (Project Management Office) topic. Members are PMO leaders, PMO members, Executives, Consultants, Teachers, Students, Project Managers, among others who share experiences and knowledge, contributing to the development of the global PMO community.

Well done Fatimah! We look forward to the outcome!