So, you want to be Agile! Everyone else is doing it, right? Who wouldn’t want to remove the bureaucracy, deliver projects that customers actually want, and have the ability to make quality progress without excessive constraint?

You may be ready, your colleagues and customers may be ready, but is your organisation ready? We believe the following questions will be helpful to understand your organisation’s ability to go Agile:

  1. Is your organisation prepared to invest in Agile training, develop a true understanding of Agile and champion Agile continuously? Is the long-term commitment and belief there? Admittedly there are a few questions here! However, these kinds of conversations across individuals, teams and hierarchical layers give insight into how seriously your organisation is taking Agile. You can’t get the benefits without a hearts, minds and financial investment.
  2. Is your organisation ready to shake off organisational structures that have previously hindered successful project delivery? Here, we are talking about old-school silos, clashing teams and individuals, dysfunctional role allocations and responsibilities and protectionist managers un-willing to assign their best available resources to initiatives. Is your organisation truly committed to facilitating the best kinds of collaboration? Agile works by putting the right person in the right role. The organisation must be willing and capable of making this happen.
  3. What about the project approaches that have gone before. Who still likes a good old waterfall approach? Who developed their own bespoke methodology and will be at pains to point out at regular intervals its superiority to Agile?! How is the organisation addressing this? Who is sponsoring Agile, how is the Agile Manifesto being implemented and promoted in the organisation? Are the difficult conversations happening? Is the road map clear? This really helps to understand the extent of any watering down of Agile and what that means ultimately for you and your potential to deliver an Agile outcome.

There are many other indicators of readiness, of course. However, a litmus test of willingness to change, invest, commit and let go of the past are key indicators of Agile readiness. In your experiences, what have been the key indicators to you that your organisation is serious about Agile?