An important part of working with Agile Management Office (AMO) is knowing WHO you’re working with. So, with that said, we will be introducing some of our team members over the coming months, so you get an idea of who our people are and why they choose to work at AMO!

Introducing… MICHAEL!

Michael has been a member of our team before we even called ourselves AMO! In 2014, Michael would spend some of his personal time (after hours and weekends) contributing to the AMO vision, through establishment of our I.T. infrastructure and services, building our website, and providing general expertise as part of our ongoing business evolution.

In 2017, Michael left his full-time role at Telstra as a Technology Risk Analyst to become an AMO Consultant – starting immediately with one of our first clients; Latitude Financial Services. Since then, Michael has been involved with a number of our Projects for clients including but not limited to Coles Group, Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA), MaxiTRANS, Seven Network and Airservices Australia.

We asked Michael a couple of questions – here’s what he said:

What is your role at Agile Management Office?

I wouldn’t say I have just one role – I have many! My primary role, however, is as a AMO Consultant. What that generally means I do is engage with our clients to understand their current landscape and identify opportunities for improvements (to drive more value, to be more efficient, etc.) and work with them to build a solution. That is, we seek to understand what they have today that works, works but needs improvement, isn’t contributing any value and finally what’s missing. This allows us to propose a prioritised solution to the client; looking at low-effort but high-value opportunities first. At this point, our engagement transforms into a project and we begin by breaking out an agreed scope into logical chunks. Those chunks are broken into smaller, more achievable chunks so they may be sized, assigned and scheduled. Then, of course, we build to the agreed solution using our proprietary AMO Method®, something we use in our own business too.

At this point, my role is focused on Information & Knowledge Management, primarily by identifying any document / information / knowledge management platforms that support capture of information and collaboration of teams, and then working with those teams to implement and work within those systems.

Aside from my day to day role as a consultant and when I’m not working on client projects, I also

support AMO internally. I manage all of the I.T. services that we use, maintain our company website and contribute to other business development initiatives and content.

Why did you choose to work for Agile Management Office?

First and foremost, I accepted a role with AMO because I knew I would be working with a manager that I’d previously enjoyed working with (Fatimah Abbouchi) and I was passionate about supporting her vision. I knew that I was going to be looked after, that my contributions to AMO and our clients would be valued and finally because I knew that professional development would be taken seriously. Otherwise, I was excited to contribute my expertise and learn from a plethora of client organisations. A lot of organisations have very similar DNA when it comes to achieving business outcomes, but vastly different when it comes to culture and specific ways of working. I was looking forward to this exposure.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I will try to be as short as possible – but there are 4 big things I like to do. The first is a Volunteer for the Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) at the Northcote Unit. I provide the local community there with emergency response to Flood and Storm related events, as well as support other agencies (Victoria Police) with land search (evidence, people, etc.) and rescue of injured/trapped persons. However, I will be moving onto the Lilydale Unit as of February so that I can be trained in Road Rescue and provide support to a community more local to me.

Secondly, I am a husband to my beautiful wife. We recently got married in November, and I love being able to spend time with her; either vegging out on the couch together or going out for a nice dinner / cheese platter. Escape Rooms are our signature date nights – we love the psychology involved in solving puzzles, etc.

Thirdly, I am an avid gamer with some of my friends! A bit of Call of Duty or Rainbow Six: Siege is my little escape from reality.

Lastly, my wife and I are working on renovating and sub dividing our house. It’s a huge work in progress, and we really have only just started with it. We are quickly learning that it is an expensive endeavour and has its fair share of risks.

Up early or out late?

Definitely out late. I’m sure if I went to bed at a time some would consider ‘normal’, I could well be an early riser. In saying that, sleep is precious. I must get as much of it as I can before I start a family. 12