Last month was all about our new intern Nina! We have been busy preparing for new clients and building on our internal business. We will be introducing our new team members when on board to help you know about the person behind the title and why they choose to work at AMO!

Introducing… HASSAN!

Hassan joined soon after Nina (featured last month) and comes with a strong corporate background having worked with reputable financial institutions over a span of two decades. Hassan has worked in Melbourne, Manama and Dubai gaining great exposure to different cultures with responsibility for 25 markets across Africa and the Middle East in his last posting.  Hassan is now fully energised and raring to go with the AMO team after being tempted out of his voluntary sabbatical (we envy him).

What is your role at Agile Management Office?

I joined AMO as a senior consultant and my primary role is Delivery Lead with a mandate to support clients with executing their strategy on change, governance and transformation programmes. There are always challenges throughout any implementation, so this keeps me fully alert and engaged – attention to detail and agility are critical for effective delivery.

Why did you choose to work for Agile Management Office?

AMO affords me the opportunity to build on my experiences in the financial services industry and work with a diverse set of savvy clients embarking on some seriously exciting programmes. I also get to work with a talented team and directly supporting our CEO on execution and delivery of AMO’s strategy applying our own AMO MethodTM – we simply practice what we preach.

Up early or out late?

Definitely, out late. It may be down to genetics or a family trait. Not complaining though as I get to spend quality downtime with my partner – you can imagine our busy schedule with four kids, God bless them!