Agile Management Office has 12 Guiding Principles that lead our way of working. These principles are integrated into our AMO Way framework for implementing long lasting change, and by embodying these 12 points, we have been able to secure reliable and targeted results for all of our clients.

Let’s dive into one of the principles!

Principle 5:

Introduce a continuous improvement mindset


The progress of any organisation or business depends on employees taking responsibility to constantly improve products, services and processes for its customers. Any improvement may result in added value, reduction of errors and resolving issues for future compliance, as well as mitigating risk. Though we do this by being flexible, adaptable and collaborative in the way we work. It is about having empathy for others and being open to change. Ultimately, this must be done by changing the culture to embody and embrace a continuous improvement mindset where people are not afraid to fail and prioritise improvement over perfection, an ideal which is rarely achieved.


Process improvement is continuous, gradual and perpetual. It is the key to competitive success. Do not treat improvement as a singular event. Be mindful of improvement results and orientate aware to define or identify challenges, ensure accurate measure of improvement so that goals align with the organisational objectives, then analyse to ensure a forward-thinking approach, aspire to improve and control the review process to potentially be repeated in other parts of your organisation.


  • Ensure quality standards are identified and set.
  • Provide teams the environment to flourish.
  • Adopt a build-test-learn mentality for change.
  • Leverage and utilise feedback regularly.
  • Lead from the front.

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