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Introducing the AMO Whitepaper

“The Project Management Office is no longer fit for purpose”

We’ve been hard at work over the last 12 months building our Whitepaper, which is aimed at delving deeper into an existing problem with the Project Management Office (PMO). We believe it’s no longer fit for purpose, as the PMO has failed to evolve. We introduce a new way of thinking that addresses this problem.

It is not unusual for PMO to lag behind Project Management evolution, however, it’s now to the point that it is no longer delivering its intended value. Smart organisations understand that proven project management practices lead to greater success and less waste. Likewise, better facilitation of governance can do the same.

PMO’s, globally, need to change. They need to stop reinventing the wheel every time a new project’s initiated, stop reinitiating with the same stakeholders over again and stop the duplication. It’s ineffective, wasteful and unproductive.

Now is the time for an approach that considers the current problems and utilises a combination of proven practices, innovations and application of an ‘enterprise’ lens. We need a collaborative approach that liberates and unifies project teams with governance. Agile Management Office considers alternative approaches to allow governance to be embedded across an organisation, regardless of the project delivery methodology, in a welcome, necessary and frictionless way.

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