AMO People Recruitment Services

AMO People Recruitment Services

High-Performing Businesses are Powered by a Strong Workforce

To ensure the quality of project management and project delivery excellence within your organisation, you need resilient and action-oriented employees working in your teams – whether they’re full time or on a contract basis.

However, recruiting people who have the relevant skillset and company-aligned values can be an ongoing challenge that requires a lot of effort, time, and resources.

Hiring people with the wrong skills can also be a costly experience.

At AMO, we know talent. Our experts focus on quality outcomes, cultural fit, and knowledge of key attributes for candidates to succeed in their designated roles. We speak their language having performed the roles we are hiring for which is why we are experts hiring experts.

Are You Struggling with Your Hiring Process?

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Talent Services Far Beyond Standard Recruitment

Employee and contractor recruitment is an important part of business growth and organisational change management, as it determines your internal culture, productivity levels and your ability to leverage your workforce to become your business’ greatest asset.

At Agile Management Office, we understand the crucial role people play, which is why we provide clients with a comprehensive 360° hiring, training and employee support solution.

From determining which roles you need, to writing Position Descriptions, promoting job vacancies, screening applications, shortlisting applicants, interviewing candidates and negotiating job offers, we look after the entire recruitment process on your behalf, so you can focus on achieving project efficiency and achieving your goals.

To make sure you attract the ideal people for any position, we also offer additional mental health support, career advocacy and professional development opportunities for your staff.

How this Works for You

By working closely with you, we take the time to understand your organisation, team culture, and potential skills gaps.

We then facilitate a rigorous recruitment process to provide you with highly qualified candidates for your final selection.

Our goal is to build lasting relationships, we do this by adding a personal touch to all interactions, ensuring that good rapport is built with each Candidate & Client, creating long-term loyalty, and getting it right the first time.

Your Agile Management Office team can also manage staff onboarding and employee support services for you, to streamline the recruitment process.

The Benefits of Our Recruitment Services

Bringing the Finest Talent for Your Business

Increase your organisation’s productivity by hiring highly skilled people who will deliver better project efficiencies and project management compliance.

At Agile Management Office, we find and match talent with businesses according to their capabilities and specific requirements, ensuring that everyone is well-supported to achieve their goals and objectives.

Our mission it to guarantee that no skill is wasted, and no project will operate without the ideal professional workforce by your side.

Discover Smarter Recruitment 

Our Approach to Productive Recruitment

We’re here to find you the ideal people.

Agile Management Office identifies your organisation’s skill requirements and overall culture to determine which role types you need to achieve project oversight outcomes and achieve business success.

From there, we create relevant Position Descriptions and employment packages that attract the best talent to you.

Our active database of candidate information combined with our powerful market tools allow us to find qualified individuals for these available job opportunities, so we can select the perfect person.

Beyond just recruitment, our onboarding services also help you manage organisational change with support, training, and additional resources.

What Our Clients Say

AMO were professional, dedicated and above all outstanding in their ability to understand our needs. It was a pleasure to work with AMO and I would strongly endorse them and consider them in future.

Dave Goodwin, Senior Manager, Jetstar Airways

Why use AMO Recruitment Services?

Agile Management Office helps bridge the gap between business needs and experts found.

Our clients experience effective, efficient, and affordable hiring solutions while saving time finding key people with the skills required to expand your operations. We utilise our deep industry experience performing the roles we recruit for to offer an informed candidate shortlist.

We also empower applicants with fulfilling careers by placing them in the right organisations where they can make the greatest contributions. We support them from beginning to end and reward them for their loyalty, contribution and based on client feedback.

In addition, for every hire we do, we contribute a donation to the “Just One Tree” initiative through our social enterprise partnership. This means when we find you the right people, you’re also giving back to poverty-stricken communities and the environment.

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At AMO, we know talent. Our experts focus on quality outcomes, cultural fit, and knowledge of key attributes for candidates to succeed in their designated roles. We speak their language having performed the roles we are hiring for which is why we are experts hiring experts.

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