Agility in action. Lessons from leading organisations in the banking sector.

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This White Paper delves deeper into the challenges facing the banking sector from a lens of business agility and identifies issues as well as opportunities. It will help you to navigate the trends and pitfalls of Agile while providing you with industry specific recommendations.

We look at how implementing core principles of agile will contribute to higher success rates, greater efficiencies, a reduction in risks and create the incentive to address out-of-date processes in Banking.

  • Gain insights from industry experts based on onsite research

  • Understand how Agile is being applied across the banking and finance sector and impacts

  • Learn about some of the Agile critical success factors

  • Reflect on trends in the industry

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What our readers say:

AMO, is one of the few organisations in Australia that have a deep understanding of Agile backed by solid experience that is validated by their accolades. This white paper, is a generous attempt by their leadership to share their insights and knowledge with the wider industry….I feel it is a must read by organisations who are embarking, en-route or stuck on their Agile journey. It provides insights and knowledge that is easily digestible and offers insights that any Agile practitioner in the banking industry will find invaluable.

Process Architect, Australian Superannuation Fund

Because Agile is at the cutting age of the way we work and operate, I think it is important to be up to date with what industry experts are saying about it, especially when it comes to banking. This White Paper has been a privilege for me because it has opened my eyes to the various applications Agile has in the Banking sector.


Vladimir Pacheco, University Professor at Aarhus University Denmark

Getting governance right is tough, particularly in Agile and even more so in Banking – you need enough structure so people know what is going on, but not too much bureaucracy that things grind to a halt. AMO’s pragmatic, delivery-focussed approach provides useful tools and techniques so you can get the balance right and get moving again.


Philippa Sholl, Banking Product Development Consultant

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