Ahead in Agile, but at what cost?

Agile ways of working are pretty much common practice in most banking environments and are no longer considered to only have relevance for iterative tech development. Agile management empowers businesses to be nimbler and more resilient in the face of uncertainty. As one of the biggest adopters of Agile, what can we learn from Banking?

This White Paper delves deeper into the challenges facing the banking sector from a lens of business agility and identifies issues as well as opportunities.

We look at how implementing core principles of agile will contribute to higher success rates, greater efficiencies, a reduction in risks and create the incentive to address out-of-date processes in Banking.

  • Gain insights from industry experts based on onsite research

  • Understand how Agile is being applied across the banking and finance sector and impacts

  • Learn about some of the Agile critical success factors

  • Reflect on trends in the industry

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