WHY we do what we do

We are tired of seeing waste and rework when it comes to PMOs. In our experience, we’ve seen firsthand the waste of precious resources and its impacts to project delivery due to ineffective process, duplication of effort across an enterprise and lack of alignment across the many silos of businesses. Our experience across a large number of industries and clients has demonstrated to us that the waste and inefficiencies affects many organisations. Organisations spend millions of dollars a year on PMO resources, systems, software and the changes being made in isolation are often duplicated across other parts of the organisation. This is costly, wasteful, unproductive and it’s got to stop.

That is why we’ve spent over a decade developing our AMO Method. Our model LEVERAGES PREVIOUS LEARNING to prevent subsequent initiatives reinventing the wheel! The approach identifies, then manages risks inherent in each phase of the portfolio, program or project governance process.

The Benefits of AMO

The 3 C’s

Our method is based on proven practice. When it comes to our customers, we place our priorities on understanding your business, your organisational culture, the specific challenges you face and how to leverage your team to deliver the best results. It is successful because we ensure:

  • Consistency: critical in reducing rework and minimising duplication and increasing productivity,

  • Collaboration: bringing people together, getting it right the first time and working transparently, and

  • Coordination: managing the complex and bring it altogether, utilising the right people at the right time, for the right things.

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