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We are an experienced multi-skilled and multi-disciplined portfolio, program and project governance team who have evolved a unique flexible approach that delivers transparent governance that meets the specific needs of an organisation NOT a one-size fits all governance methodology that typically fails delivery on stakeholder needs and expectations.

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Passionate about Disruption

  • AMO has evolved in response to client feedback for an agile based service solution to complement our clients’ agile project delivery environments because traditional methods just don’t cut it.

  • Traditional methods which involve re-developing materials, process and tools and often re-engaging with the same stakeholders again and again. Doing many of the same things again and again throughout an organisation. Its ineffective, wasteful and unproductive.

  • Using our own innovative AMO Method, we’ve developed a positively disruptive approach to the governance of projects, programs and portfolios.

  • Our method results in capability uplift and continuous improvement as it targets high value areas, shifting priorities and attention to where it’s needed most.

Our Mission

To provide a flexible, integrated solution to the governance of enterprise change and delivery, acting as enabler for success.

Our Vision

To introduce the world to this “break-through” agile solution, by introducing a new concept in PMO that transforms the traditional approach and evolves enterprise governance for the future.

Our Experience

Many years, many industries, many countries have contributed to our experience. Each member of AMO’s multi-disciplinary team have several years hands-on experience in a number of organisations and industries. Along with deep industry experience, AMO’s team brings our PROVEN methodology and a know-how that is adaptable and flexible for your organisation.

Companies Supported
Project Budgets
Resources Managed
Project Methodologies

AMO provides fit for purpose solutions in the PMO & Governance space with strategic direction, operational and tactical support as well as capability uplift and continuous improvement services.

The combined knowledge base of our team runs almost 100-years of industry experience. A multi-disciplinary team that are hands-on in all aspects of establishing and operating PMO’s of all sizes. Our team consists of proven and seasoned professionals and Subject Matter Experts all with unique experience in Project, Portfolio and Programs.

The AMO team are nationally recognised PMO & Project professionals. Our experience spans continents, industries and organisations across 16 countries. Through our experience, we’ve successfully delivered PMO services for a number of Tier 1 and Tier 2 clients as well as Not for Profit and Government organisations, with budgets up to $1B.

Our Values

Our values are a shared understanding of what we stand for as an organisation. Our values define who we are, they form our DNA and are our fundamental beliefs that guide our actions and behaviour.


We implement communication that is effective and efficient, ensuring customers are kept informed and that our teams are sharing learnings for continuous improvement in everything we do.


We respect and value one other, challenge the status quo, and work collaboratively with our clients, partners and teams to really make a difference for our customers sharing and learning together.


We ensure we implement a consistent and disciplined approach, are open to new ideas, welcome change, and take pride in developing long term and scalable solutions for our customers.


We will always act in the best interests of our customers, act with professionalism, the highest standards of honesty and behaviour and will never compromise our reputation.


We say what we will do and do what we say, we take pride in what we do and hold ourselves accountable every step of the way, delivering outstanding results.


We are open minded, and we’re adaptive to change; driven by our passion for innovation and continuous improvement. We encourage creativity, and welcome difference.

Our Team

Each member of AMO’s multi-disciplinary team has several years hands-on experience in a number of organisations and industries. The team consists of a variety of skilled resources who all come individually recommended and are selected based on merit. Our team consists of Project Analysts, Managers, Administrators and Subject Matter Experts all with unique experience in Project, Portfolio and Programs.

Along with deep industry experience, AMO’s team brings our PROVEN methodology and a know-how that is adaptable and flexible for your organisation. Not a one size fits all!

A Letter from the CEO

Fatimah Abbouchi
Founder and CEO | Agile Management Office

I’ve been in the Project Management space for my whole working career, since 2003. During this time, I’ve been fortunate enough to work at a lot of great places and with many great people.

My first corporate role was with a global manufacturing giant, that’s where my first introduction to project management and where I fallen in love with the industry. In this global business, working with a global team I had to be quick thinking and agile.

Fifteen years on, I’ve been working with businesses in the Project & PMO management space with positions that have varied over the years and projects ranging from $100k to $1B in a dozen industries, across 13 countries and as well as working with many smaller organisations along the way.

I’ve spent most of my career in the Project Management Office (PMO) space. ‘A project management office, abbreviated to PMO, is a group or department within a business, agency or enterprise that defines and maintains standards for project management within the organization. The PMO strives to standardize and introduce economies of repetition in the execution of projects. The PMO is the source of documentation, guidance and metrics on the practice of project management and execution.’ Source: Wikipedia.  

Ever since Project Management existed, it has continued to evolve as do most things in life. The Project Management profession itself has changed a lot from development of methodologies, to development of techniques such as ‘The Critical Path Method (CPM)’ invented by Dupont Corporation around 1957 or the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) developed by United States Department of Defence in 1962. In 1969, PMI was launched to promote the Project Management profession globally and in 2001 ‘The Agile Manifesto’ was written by 17 developers in a Utah resort. All these changes have made great strides in further developing the Project Management profession, one step at a time and it’s great to see and be part of the evolution over the last 15 years myself.

But then I ask myself what about the PMO? The PMO exists to provide structure, standardisation and economies of repetition but in some organisations who spend a lot of money implementing the PMO are just as quick to close them. These are the same organisations where you can have a dozen varying types of PMOs, all of which are producing similar outputs yet these PMOs, the very institutions which are supposed to standardise the way projects work are often not standardised themselves. 

The problem with PMOs today is often they are duplicating effort and therefore costs, enabling rework and limiting any transfer of learnings. Many PMOs today are often not looking at the bigger picture and assume every task in the PMO is sequential when it’s not.

The truth is we are not getting it right in the first iteration resulting in budget and schedule overruns. Everyone is working using best endeavours and trying to improve in isolation. Everyone thinks they have the ‘best way’ and while these efforts are well intentioned, they are typically not working to the same goals and objectives. We are all working independently to other areas of the organisation.

I mean think of how many times PMOs reinitiate with the same stakeholders, the same stakeholders who often assume that quality adds process and cost. How many times does an organisation re-develop the same materials, process and tools in different ways? This is a recurring theme across silo PMOs in many organisations.

There’s also traditionally very limited flexibility or transparency in support models today, many PMO functions generally operate one way for all projects regardless of size meaning projects are unable to move quickly. Also, the traditional PMO is very silo focused, so organisational harmonisation is often not possible. It doesn’t need to be so complicated, it needs to be flexible, it needs to change.

Agile Management Office (AMO) was established after seeing that traditional methods which are lengthy and time consuming, increase time to market and impede delivery as a result of complicated processes. The AMO Method is dynamically responsive and agile. We target high value areas, shifting priorities / attention to where it’s needed most

Every day we continue to build on what we know, learning new lessons and approaching problems in new ways. Above all, we bring the right people together to deliver the right results from the start.

When it comes to our customers, we place a high value on understanding your business, your organisational culture, the specific challenges you face and how to leverage your team to deliver the best results. We aim to be a long-term partner with you and recognise that can only happen if we help you to succeed by transferring skills and knowledge.

We look forward to partnering with you and your teams for continued PMO & Project success!

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