In PMO today, we keep re-inventing a wheel that is either not practical or flexible for organisations to ensure projects and programs are managed effectively or efficiently. So much re-work, wasted time, lack of productivity, rigidity and lack of flexibility. It’s time for a change. Agile Management Office (AMO) was established after seeing that traditional PMO methods which are lengthy and time consuming, impede delivery as a result of complicated processes. The AMO Method is dynamically responsive and agile. We target high value areas, shifting priorities and attention to where it’s needed most following ‘The AMO Method’, an accelerator for your PMO. The AMO method reduces rework, recycles outputs and improves overall project success and will save your organisation time and money.

Our Services

We develop custom solutions for our clients focusing on the uniqueness of their organisation and its current state. Our solution may involve a combination of resources, advisory, template or capability assessments. At AMO we understand no two organisations are alike, our solution will always be fit for purpose and will result in capability uplift through continuous improvement.

Capability Assessments

Globally recognised Portfolio, Program, Project and PMO Capability Assessments to show organisations where they are today in terms of maturity and provide a gap analysis, plan and support to help them move forward.

Resourcing & Support

Expert PMO recruitment services or tactical support to resolve immediate problems, support peaks and troughs and provide high value support in areas such as scheduling, project finance, workforce and governance.

Problem Solving, Governance and Advisory

Targeted thought leadership, strategy, leadership and advisory services to identify quick wins, provide guidance, support delivery, conduct PMO audits and develop or run improvement plans for your organisation.

EPMO / PMO Establishment

Support and establish EPMO / PMO functions from the ground up. Provide remediation assistance and design improvement initiatives to integrate your PMO across the enterprise working collaboratively with your team.

What AMO Is

  • A niche organisation solely dedicated to PMO & Project Governance process and structure to support and enhance the governance and delivery of projects, programs and portfolios throughout their lifecycle through to business as usual.

  • A scalable solution that caters not only to large enterprise program delivery but also multi-tiered to allow for end-to-end project management delivery and decision making from project, right through to management boards.

  • Flexible and adaptable to traditional methodologies such as SDLC, Waterfall, PMBOK, Prince2 and others. It integrates and provides acceleration for your PMO.

Our Expertise

Our team are the experts in all areas of PMO Governance of Project, Program, and Portfolios. Our team include specialists across the PMO value chain and can support your business from project inception through into delivery and then into business as usual. We utilise our expertise gained across a number of industries and organisations and through working with a dozen methodologies to help you assess what’s right for your business.

Management Reporting

Project & PMO Audits

Document Management

Workforce Management

Project Finance


Benefits Management

Risks & Issues

Master Scheduling

Process Modelling

Change Management


Dependency Management

Investment Committees

Project Planning

Project Control

Methodology Implementation

Capability Uplift

Problem Solving

P3M3 Assessments

Tools, Templates and Techniques

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