Portfolio, Program & Project Review, Business Health Checks and Capability Benchmarking

Portfolio, Program & Project Review, Business Health Checks and Capability Benchmarking

Independent Assessment for Project Improvement

Businesses today must embrace every opportunity to improve on their project management practices and remain competitive.

To accomplish this, you have to objectively monitor your capabilities and how projects are being run today. This can be a real challenge if any kind of review is to be performed internally, as often, biased perceptions and attachments to certain operating procedures can detract from any possible improvements.

Seeking the help of external experts such as Agile Management Office to review and benchmark your capabilities allows you to holistically identify and address areas of concern – ensuring project delivery success.

Are Your Projects Delivering Value?

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Gain Valuable Insights on Business Processes

Relevant Project Benchmarking Solutions

Measuring how well your projects are performing against the best in your industry allows you to identify opportunities for improvement and adapt to them. It can help you baseline where you are and where you want to go, strengthen your capabilities and determine opportunities of growth for your organisation.

The Agile Management Office team works with you to review your processes, tools and methods. We help you identify roadblocks, opportunity areas and high value problem areas – bringing this all together to produce a capability benchmarking report. It includes our assessment of the maturity level of each of your project’s delivery and governance capabilities, as well as recommendations to help you move forward.

We also provide you with a step by step road map that is easy to read, transparent, unbiased and based on evidence, so your business can achieve better outcomes and project management compliance that is measurable longer term.

How This Works For You

Project management practices are used to remain competitive, yet it’s still difficult to know if projects are running efficiently and effectively, or if your overall capabilities are meeting your organisational goals. To ensure you are running at the optimal level, you have to objectively monitor your operations and review how projects and governance are being performed today.

AMO can review and benchmark your capabilities to allow you holistically identify and address areas of concern. Our goal is to determine the best ways to improve your internal processes, boost project performance, and deliver success across your projects.

The Benefits of our Portfolio, Program & Project Review, Health Check, and Capability Benchmarking

Providing an Optimal Environment for Your Projects to Thrive

Agile Management Office supports you in achieving your ideal project outcomes by providing recommendations that are realistic and tangible.

We also make sure our solutions are easy to understand, so that your team will be able to follow and implement necessary action steps to improve your project performance. At best, we can help them apply these solutions for you.

Most importantly, our expertise and skills offer you the best advice to adhere to the industry’s highest standards and proven practice.

Gain Valuable Insights on Business Processes

Our Approach to Improve Your Projects

At Agile Management Office, we immerse ourselves into your business to thoroughly understand your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities

By considering all elements of project governance and your delivery systems, we utilise the best tools, templates, interview techniques and surveys to ensure information is captured from all possible angles. We then take our learnings and facilitate our unique AMO Capability & Maturity Model to create a practical and valuable solution.

With the transparency and industry insights from a team of experts, you can be assured that we will provide an impartial view and proactive recommendations to solve all areas of concerns regarding projects and operating procedures.

What Our Clients Say

I worked with AMO in the lead up to a large organisational redesign project within the Coles Financial Services team. They were professional, thorough, and comprehensive in their support of the change. I would recommend AMO and would welcome the opportunity to work with them again!

Camille McMahon, People and Culture Manager, Coles Group

Why Trust AMO for Your Project Assessment Needs?

At Agile Management Office, our reviews have led to some pretty extraordinary results and findings. Often you don’t know what you can’t see and we help busy executives see things that are holding their teams back. We know that investing in our services will, in almost all cases, result in significantly more savings as a result of delivery optimisation opportunities.

We aim to provide you with a reliable assessment of your methods, processes, and business environment to help you mitigate risks, uplift capability, and enhance stakeholder and employee satisfaction. We help you identify strengths and weaknesses and offer recommendations and advice for best practice capability uplift.

We also offer an impartial and methodical roadmap which details how to implement these improvements or we can help you implement them whilst training your staff. In addition, with every review we undertake, we are also improving the environment through our tree-planting partnership with Just One Tree.

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Undergoing program and project review, health checks and capability benchmarking enables you to make proactive changes to remain at the forefront of your industry.

Agile Management Office performs independent assessments on your behalf to proactively identify internal challenges that are often overlooked and determine opportunities that will enhance your overall project efficiency.

Let’s discuss your needs today.