Meet Saud, our newest IT intern! Saud brings a passion and enthusiasm for all things Projects and IT and we are so pleased to have him onboard. He has taken a strong interest in projects and we look forward to learning from him and hearing his insightful ideas on our work together!

What is your role at Agile Management Office?

My role at Agile Management Office is as an IT Intern, working with Sofie under Fatimah’s guidance on various projects. My main role is bridging the gap between IT and business. I am really excited for the jump start and ready for new challenges which come along the way.


 Why did you choose to work for Agile Management Office?

After completing my Masters in IT (Networking and Cloud) and during my professional year program at Williams Lights Institute, I received an opportunity to work for AMO from my professional internship.

I am amazed how AMO works and what it contributes for the wellbeing of the community. I am looking forward to working with a thoughtful team and will be proud to represent this company.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I am usually working 6 days a week for two different organisations, and since I live alone while my family stays back in India, I do my cooking, laundry and all the extras if required.  I am also learning the concept of Amazon Web Services which keeps me very busy too!


Up early or out late?

It’s both! I have always been working in the early hours in Australia and weekends are always late-night outs.