With our initiatives, projects, number of partners, and plans expanding at an incredibly exciting rate, AMO is hiring some new digital marketing interns to help us manage the increased communication efforts! We’re excited to introduce you to Angelica that will be helping us with digital marketing and our partnership with The PMO Leader.

What is your role at Agile Management Office?

I will be commencing the role of the Digital Marketing Intern later this month.

This role will see me supporting any digital marketing strategy and planning, assisting with Agile’s content creation for its social media channels and anything else I can sink my teeth into to make the most of this experience!

Why did you choose to work for Agile Management Office?

During the process of looking for an internship I was drawn to Agile Management Office by the extensive experience that is on offer and how dynamic the business is. I am also excited to have the opportunity to work with the team! It is a strange time to start a new role, in a new industry and not being able to physically meet anyone! It is to say at the very least a daunting prospect. I found the interview process to be supportive, friendly and re-assuring, which is exactly the type of workplace I want to be a part of in these extraordinary times.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

As everyone else I’m sure, Netflix and the wide range of streaming services that are available have taken up a starring role in my life. Luckily, I have recently been able to peel myself away from a screen as I took up pottery classes in between lockdowns last year. I have a pottery wheel at home now and spend a lot of my free time trying to improve my technique and dreaming up what I can make next!

Up early or out late?

I don’t leave the house much anymore so I am not out late, but I am definitely staying up late!

Whether it be watching a new series or movie, reading a book or even cleaning! I have always been a bit of a night owl.