Case Study: Enterprise PMO Implementation & Capability Uplift

Financial Services | Medium Business | Australia

As part of a partial take over of a financial services arm, the newly established business conducted an internal review of the organisation structure and their respective functions. Several areas were deemed not fit-for-purpose, which included the PMO services. In this structure, there were many segregated PMOs. As such, and working in isolation of each other, there was inconsistency and duplication of effort across the functions.

The business set a requirement to have one central Enterprise PMO function. The Enterprise Change Office (ECO) was established and tasked with building both Project and PMO capability and delivery functions. The goal: develop an approach and function what would enable management of PMO and governance requirements, which can scale with the organisation as it continues to grow, support several projects and programs in parallel and have minimal overhead (due to cost constraints).

As success was vital, AMO were engaged to assist in the development and embedding of EPMO capability. After initial scoping, we conducted a capability assessment. Our PMO resources worked to integrate the silos across the business, with a strong focus on bringing the Delivery and IT teams together.

We defined a target operating model, the EPMO blueprint and a detailed delivery roadmap. During our services engagement, we also helped to upskill and train internal staff to support the function into the future.

Additionally, we collaborated with non-project departments (i.e. Legal, Finance, HR, Audit, IT, Security etc.) to agree their requirements for project success. We were able to deliver a service to these departments; our stakeholders. We also ensured that Projects were compliant and up to date on any enterprise wide requirements.

As part of the continuity and consistency approach we have introduced, we then documented and defined all processes in a single framework, a framework which is continuously improved and monitored with each iteration. A framework which has been used as the foundation for projects and PMO alike.

Several transformation programs are underway, PMO / Delivery functions are not fit-for-purpose and do not meet the demands of the changing business landscape.

Existing governance functions were silo’d, causing confusion in projects and programs around governance requirements and disparate PMO set ups across the organisation. This was both inconsistent and resulted in duplication of effort.

Redefined the EPMO landscape, including alignment to other organisational business units. Driving the completion of governance initiatives resulted in significant cost savings and more efficient delivery support functions. Our team members even received CIO awards for our efforts.

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