Case Study: Establishment & Management of Global PMO function

Banking | Large Business | Across 13 Countries

‘The Bank’ was engaged by a client, UnionPay International, to deliver a program of work that enables UnionPay cards to be accessible across all Bank’s ATMs and EFTPOS services. The Bank was provided some of the funds to deliver this program, which was to be completed across 3 divisions and globally across 13 countries. They had not undertaken a similar project before

Although they had project management practices in place, they were not region agnostic, globally aligned or suitable for the global program to be successful. Existing processes were set up to support local projects and not cross-divisional. Accurately reporting on them would also be a challenge for management.

Fatimah Abbouchi (Director, AMO) and her team were engaged, after successfully completing other engagements previously to The Bank, to establish and launch the Global PMO function. Fatimah was required to bring in a sensible structure for the Global Programs and the Consumer Finance department overall.

“At the time, no one had an objective view of how to build a PMO that was region agnostic, that could support multiple countries yet still provide an outstanding PMO experience,” says Fatimah, the appointed Global PMO Director for The Bank’s new Global Program Office. “There was no system in place to say we could use this or that, we had very little to go by except for a methodology and some tools, “This was a project where we had to break barriers, remove roadblocks and change processes”.

The Global PMO established region agnostic processes that were rolled out globally. “We were smarter about which processes we implement and about not implementing others that don’t meet a certain criterion,”. The Global PMO also assigns project resources and delivers financial and project status reporting globally across all regions.

The Global PMO’s push for strategic alignment ensures projects help the company achieve its business goals. The Bank’s strategy also changed over the engagement, so too did the Global PMO to support the changing needs. And backed by standardised project management processes introduced by the Global PMO, the teams were delivering real results.

Overall the function set the benchmark in terms of PMO in the organisation. This Global PMO function and the Global Program it was responsible for supporting was the highest rated in terms of Post Implementation Reviews and Steering Committee satisfaction.

A new international program of work was being established, current internal project management practices were not suitable to deliver the required outcome.

Varying methods, practices, tools and systems were not integrated, and governance practices were managed in isolation causing disconnect and impacted ability to centrally manage this board program.

After considerable analysis, a regionally agnostic framework was developed for the management of the Global Program and obtained support internationally across all regions. Working closely with stakeholders, the framework was underpinned by effective governance, tools, templates and processes that supported the delivery function and drove significant benefits to the department.

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