Case Study: P3M3 Review & Establishment of Investment Committees

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As part of an initiative to transform the enterprise, the newly established EPMO were interested in capturing a baseline of the organisation’s current maturity levels across Projects, Portfolios and Programs. To provide management with a clear, unbiased view of the existing landscape (and problems that lie within), some assistance was required from an independent party (i.e. AMO).

Initial conversations with the organisation concluded that it was undergoing several transformational changes, as well as areas that were impacted because of organisation-wide programs, which were completed in the year before. To support the EPMO function and the governance models in development, we were also asked to assist in the establishment of the Enterprise and Portfolio Investment Committees.

As a certified consulting partner of Axelos, we agreed that the P3M3 Maturity Assessment would provide a good baseline for where the organisation is today and include recommendations to effectively move forward. Over a short timeframe, AMO completed many interviews and reviews of existing documentation to complete the assessment.

Upon completion, the EPMO was presented with a detailed report in both Document & Presentation formats; taking the time to walk through the outcomes of the study, including their overall maturity across the organisation and a detailed plan for how they could move forward across all functions in the Project & PMO space.

In parallel, we were also defining a model that would allow the organisation to prioritise their projects across functions and to effectively govern them. The model would need to be support varying types of projects, as well as size, complexity, and status. The model would need to include annual, half-yearly, quarterly and monthly supportive activities.  Lastly, the model would also need to link into the benefits framework.

Through collaboration with the organisation, the frameworks were defined and documented. Their implementation was supported throughout the following weeks and months. The overall framework and model were endorsed (the first time) by the board and CFO and is actively in use today.

The organisation has agreed to conduct P3M3 reviews annually to assess progress against the initial assessment.

Newly formed EPMO keen to review health and maturity of the existing projects portfolio across the enterprise and to implement a strong prioritisation and governance function that was adaptable to all divisions. At present, one was not in place and the current models were not effective.

Deliverability was an issue as was confusion as a result of major transformational changes in the years prior. This resulted in resource changes and meant there was less support staff to assist the projects. This meant projects were unable to meet all the requirements of the ever-changing project landscape, yet the biggest gaps where not clearly identified and support was needed which is where the EPMO was established to provide this.

Providing an end to end holistic review of Project, Program and Portfolio capability as well as roadmap for the improvement initiatives. Defining a flexible approach to prioritisation and portfolio governance that was then endorsed by management board. Helped to establish the foundations for continued improvements.

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